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About Us

Fresh & Simple

Bongiorno's is a small, family owned pizzeria serving great NY style pizza, salads, wings, gelato and sandwiches.  Our crust is the closest you will find to NY style crust.  Slices are crispy with the best balance of crust, sauce and cheese.  

The Team

Our Craft Experts

The team members at Bongiorno's New York Pizzeria may come from different backgrounds, but they all share the same passion for making healthy, tasty, creative dishes. Read their stories below, and get in touch if you want to learn more.


Ash Marcus

Pastry Chef

Ash Marcus brings a full measure of enthusiasm, heart and creativity to the table every day, always working hard to ensure that our dining experience keeps on getting even better. It's a pleasure to have them as our Pastry Chef.

Get in Touch

Charlie McMann

Kitchen Manager

Charlie McMann recently joined Bongiorno's New York Pizzeria. Creative, energetic, and a great team player, they are the perfect addition to our growing business. Come enjoy their professionalism for yourself!

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Smiling Chef

Morgan James

Event Coordinator

Morgan James was one of the first members of staff at Bongiorno's New York Pizzeria. A true people person, they know that service quality can make or break a business. Stop by to meet our fabulous Event Coordinator today.

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